Scrap copper wire

Turn your pipes into profit.

If you have old commercial supplies made from copper, clear out your space and make some cash when you recycle with Rock Island Iron & Metal Recycling.

Scrap copper wire

Bring in old copper items and even copper alloys for recycling.

Some of the main items where you will find copper are building and plumbing materials. While these may be some of the more obvious places, copper can be found everywhere from wiring to appliance compressors, so whenever you find copper scrap bring it to Rock Island Iron & Metal Recycling. We accept:

  • Wire
  • Plumbing Tube and Pipe
  • Heat Exchangers
  • And Much More!

Think of the many reasons to recycle your copper.

Not only will your recycled copper turn into profit that you can use, but it will benefit the environment as well. If you're a contractor, you can reduce dumping and disposal costs, as well as reducing environmental costs and hazards. You'll also diminish the environmental threats of copper mining when you bring your old copper in to recycle at Rock Island Iron & Metal Recycling, and you know that you'll get the best prices for your scrap.

Call Rock Island Iron & Metal Recycling today for the best prices around on copper scrap!


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